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The concept of AB-CONSULTING is to help people and businesses take their vision to the next level.  We want you to level up and be your best truest self.  With happiness comes success, and sometimes you need a guiding force to give you the push and confidence to take the next step or risk to develop that inner passion.  The unique background of founder Alison Barstad provides a positive balance of live experience, education and creativity that she wants to guide others into seeing that business success isn't just a great vision but also the successful tools from Operations to inner balance to reach your goals.  


Our Team


Alison A. Barstad, CEO | IG:

From Alison's first job, she knew that the business of helping people was something that grasped her attention.  Obtaining a BA in Socio9logy with a minor in Business/Economics and Black studies, it took Barstad many years and many career paths to decide what she was destined to do.  Within each career path; from Behavioral Therapy to Personal Training, eventually landing back into the Hospitality industry.  Gaining experience was the intention, and working for small single owner businesses to large corporate was just the expertise Barstad sought after.  With a vast amount of achievement along the way; Sommelier certification, French and Champagne Wine Specialist, Reiki Certification, and Restaurant Management certifications, she was well on her way to creating a structure and passion for business' to succeed with.  Using successful business models and adding her flair and creativity to envision and help develop has been a specialty of hers.  "Passion and good energy is the key to any successful business.", says Barstad is the how she decides to take projects on and hold clients hand and slowly letting go when they have the confidence in themselves and seeing their business through.  Having a vast knowledge in a multitude of tools helps set Barstad apart from other consultants, there isn't a job she can not take on and handle, providing a perfect balance of structure and creativity.  

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Erin Leigh, Boutique Web Agency | IG: @pulpoc

With added expertise in Web design, Marketing, SEO, etc. AB-CONSULTING has created a partnership with value that we can trust.  Erin's eclectic flair for marketing and design will take websites and everything they entail above and beyond.  

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